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  • The Grand Masters by Rhythm Clocks is conservative, yet simple, in its design and bares a 22" diameter wooden finish frame. The Arabic numbers and its rustic look give this clock the appearance to be placed in any room. The clock has Rhythm's WSM movement that allows you to play Westminster Chimes (hourly or quarterly)

  • This Nostalgia series model is a state-of-the art creation comprised of 18 melodies. On the hour, the dial opens and splits into three sections revealing five golden bells. The beautiful piano-finish cherry frame along with the crystals and gold and silver accents, make this clock a truly elegant addition to any home.

  • The Tuscany brings a little bit of Italy to your mantle. The elegant display of wood and gold on this clock captures the essence of what Italian clock design is today.

  • The Fiddler clock by Rhythm Clocks bares an elegently crafted Windsor Cherry finish. It plays on of 30 Melodies every hour. The visual and musical combination truly makes this piece a beautiful instrument.The Fiddler Musical Motion clock plays 12 Popular Melodies or 12 Classic Melodies or 6 Christmas Songs... Just flip the switch to change your selection.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items